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Related article: Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 12:32:54 +0100 From: Warren Mason Subject: after.florida.jail, Installment #3This is Installment #3 of an ongoing story that begins with 'in.florida.jail', which can be found in the 'gay authoritarian' section. The events are all true save where embellishments are added due to the failure of memory over time and where 'color' is added to create a compelling tableau. You can more or less assure yourself that the events in the story very accurately mirror the events that occurred. If you like the story let me hear from you at I may not be answering letters as quickly as I have in the past. I'm in very rural country without benefit of the Internet and have to rely on rare trips to town to met the needs of my correspondence. You will hear from me. What a night that had been with Cherry. I woke the next day with the taste of her on my lips. Artistic Lolitas Toplist Everything in the room felt surreal. I had a powerful morning erection and thought I might just go cruise for some sex. I had made up my mind that I would give myself to all of the possibilities of sex, at every moment, in the passage of my trip back to New York and from there to my home in Vermont. This morning I felt that languid, syrupy fluid running over my body. My ass was tingling and wanted some cock. I put just a touch of eyeliner on and some shiny lip gloss. Then I put on a tight black tank top and my tightest jeans. When I looked at myself in the mirror, just the sight of me made my cock push against my jeans. I knew someone was going to want to put their cock in my ass this morning. I'll give a little background on me because it may come in handy understanding things that happened later and there may be some who are curious about my situation. My parents were both professors at a private university in Vermont. They were paid well and they invested well. They died in a car wreck when I was 19. I loved my parents but time has taken some of the memory of their presence from me. My brother wanted nothing to do with them and the feeling was mutual. They left him nothing. They left me well provided for with the properties and a trust fund so that I had money when I needed it and was not likely to run out. The estate was administered by the family lawyer. Much of the control of the estate came to me at 21, just a year previous to the beginning of the story. It took me a year to decide I wanted to see some wider environs. I thought I wanted to travel and see the world and that I would see my brother first. I know now that I just wanted to roll in sexual opportunity. No doubt I would have discovered this anyway but my brief stay in the Florida work camp, the effect of Cocaine on my mind and the fortunate meeting with Patrick and the stopover in Key Largo- not to mention the great way things worked out- convinced me that I was going to get all of what I wanted until I felt that I might not want it anymore...for awhile. anyway. I could have afforded to buy all of the Cocaine I had gotten so far and any and all drugs for that matter. One thing was predominate in my mind though and that was to stay out of trouble, whether it had to do with drugs or underage teenage girls, I didn't want to wind up at a lower rung in some jail than the rung I had been on. I had enjoyed my experiences in the Florida jail and I looked forward to exploring further opportunities of similar sex. I wanted to do it while in possession of my freedom. So it was that I prefered to find my drugs through sexual associations, where there was less chance of arrest.Dressed to kill, or to fuck anyway, I walked out into the hot August morning of Key West. It was just 9:00 but already beginning to cook. I had breakfast in a Duval street restaurant that I had spotted the day before. It seemed to have a selection of older gay men eating there. I scanned the room as I entered. It was only half-filled at this time. I saw three men sitting at tables in the back that matched my tastes. One was sitting alone and reading his newspaper. He was fit looking and seemed to be in his forties. At a nearby table sat two men a few years older. They were burly men of those sort later to be called 'Bears'.I took a table and ordered some food, then I went to the restroom and jacked my cock a few times and then placed it down the leg of my jeans. When I returned to my table I sat in such a way so that the outline of my bulge was noticible through my pants. It seemed that all of the men picked up on this fairly quickly. I don't doubt they had been checking me out already. I had been playing with my hair while reading the menu and had made sure that my ass twitched a time or two on my walk to the bathroom. I caught the eye of the single man who smiled at me. I smiled back. My food came and I busied myself with eating it, feeling the eyes on me. The two men got up to leave. A few minutes later the waiter surreptitiously placed a note under my plate. I palmed it and put it in my pocket. A few minutes later the single man got up and asked me if he could join me for a few minutes. I said, "fine." He introduced himself as Rick.He had a rugged western look to him, the kind of man you expect to see climbing telephone poles in the mid-west or working on a ranch. He was dressed in a summer weight suit though and that seemed at a contrast with the way I imagined such a man would dress here. It turned out he was a realtor with an office in Key West. He lived here. We talked for awhile as I could tell he was feeling me out. I did my subtle girlish trip. He could surely read that. He said he was going back to his house to take a swim. He'd already been to the office to see a particular client and was taking the rest of the day off, "One of the privileges of being your own boss." he said.I told him I didn't have a suit with me. He said that was unimportant, people rarely used swimsuits at their homes in The Key's, but that he had one which would fit me if I was that Artistic Lolitas Toplist modest. I said, "No, not at all." We got into his car and drove across the island to an area of secluded homes. He drove through a security gate and parked the car. I asked where his bathroom was and he took me to one. I noticed passing through the house how beautifully appointed it was. It was a single story house with plantation stlye roofs of red tile. There was a garden area in the middle of the house with cloistered seating areas and a good sized pool and jacuzzi.Once in the bathroom I tooted up some large lines and then came out to the pool area. Rick was still dressed but had removed his jacket. "I took the liberty of making some Marqueritas." He said. He handed me a large chilled and salted glass. My first taste told me that it had a high alcohol content. I lit a cigarette and enjoyed the coke rush coupling with the alcohol in my mind. When I was done he refilled my glass."I'll get drunk." I said, "If I keep drinking these.""Would that be so bad?" he asked. "You're not driving." We both laughed."I'm going to get more comfortable, do you mind?" He began to take off his clothes."Of course not." I said."Why don't you join me?" he asked."Well, it is hot." I replied and stripped off my clothes. Watching him Artistic Lolitas Toplist I was gratified to see the shape and length of his cock were not a disappointment. It was less thick than some I had seen recently but it was long and very shapely. It hung, slightly blood engorged upon his legs and then slid into the valley between his thighs as he sat down. I though about how the head of his cock would soon part my lips, how wet I would make it with my mouth, how it would feel when it went into my ass. Would he fuck me gently and with soft words? Would he fuck me rough and call me a whore? I didn't care, either would be nice, both would be great.He smiled at me as he saw my unabashed look at his cock. I smiled back. "You have just a terrific body." He said to me. "Such a well-formed cock and beautiful round ass.""Thank you." I said. I turned to look at the pool and dropped my cigarette as I brought it to my lips. This necessitated my having to bend over and pick it up. I wanted him to see my ass in the receiving position."Just so very nice." he said.I walked to the pool and looked into the inviting green water. I returned to the table Artistic Lolitas Toplist to put my cigarette out. As I did his hand came forward and moved over my ass. I switched my ass back and forth slightly to let him know this attention was not unwelcome. "Come here." he said and pulled my ass back to his face. He parted my cheeks and flicked his tongue into the crevase. Ummm, that was nice. I felt my cock stiffen as his hand came Artistic Lolitas Toplist round to grip it. I placed my hands on the table and bent forward so that he could tongue my ass more easily. I reached back and grabbed an ass-cheek so that he could have better access. He rimmed me with great enjoyment, licking and slurping and then pressing his tongue into my ass. "You are heavenly." he said. "I want to eat your ass after you shit." he continued. I hadn't encountered that before but I didn't care. If it made him hot it was fine with me.I turned around after a bit and went to my knees to suck him. His cock was nearly hard and I worked at it's length. I was getting more and more capable of taking a large cock all the way down my throat. He gasped in surprise and pleasure when I did this. "man, you are really good." he said. "the way your hair falls around your face, you look like an angel. It looks like an angel is sucking my cock.""I've been practicing, practicing to be an angelic cocksucker" I said. "I just started sucking cock a couple of months ago and there is a lot to learn."He laughed and groaned at the same time. "What can I do for you to give you pleasure?" he asked."Would you like to fuck me?" I asked."Oh my yes," he replied.He took me Artistic Lolitas Toplist on to a sun porch where there was a day bed and asked me to kneel on it. "I want to watch my cock go in and out of your perfect ass." he said. He rubbed some cream into my ass and then he pressed his cock against my rectal ring. I sighed as the head broke past it. His cock was about 8 inches long and I knew where it would take me. I squirmed from side to side and pressed back against his cock. In it went. Ah, Heaven. This is what I wanted this morning. Now I was being fucked. I imagined myself a girl with this hard man filled with heat and desire to fuck me, to fuck me to a state of natural wetness and want."You make me feel like a young girl." I said, "Please fuck me with your big hard cock. Fuck me hard, make me scream"He forced his dick all the way into my ass and I could feel my ass ring become like a pair of lips sucking at him. I pressed my face to the bed cover, squeezing my ass muscles as hard as I could with my hands pressed out in front of me. I was his to fuck as he wished."You are so goddamned beautiful." he said. He began to fuck me hard and I just groaned and occasionally cried out, urging him to turn me into a woman, telling him he was the master of my ass, telling him that he owned my ass. My cock was trembling for release. I could feel the waves of pleasure pulsing from my prostate as he moved quickly back and forth across it. I thought of my prostate as my clitoris. I was undulating against the force of his thrusts. I felt sleek and limber as a seal.Then he said, "I'm going to cum.""Cum in my ass!" I cried. "Shoot your cum into my ass." I was shaking from the fucking I was getting and I felt myself open up like some tropical flower as his sperm shot into me with many a cry from him. I rode out the spurts,coming in my mind, but not in my body, my sperm remained within me...but I was unmanned by the telepathic sense of his pleasure. He stayed pressed into my ass for some time before he pulled his cock from me. I reached back with my hand and played with his sticky sperm where it coated my asshole, my well-fucked and now slimy pussy.When I got up I could I see his face was red and he was crying. He kept saying, "beautiful boy, such a beautiful boy." I realized he was drunk and also that his emotions were not always under his control. He cried for awhile and told me how unhappy his life was because I was not in it. I took this in the spirit of alcohol.As it so happens I had to go to the bathroom. He asked me if I had to shit and I said yes. He told me to wait and went away and returned with a shallow pan. He asked me to shit into it and not to wipe my ass. I was ripped and tripped on the cum drying on my legs and the stickiness of my asshole, tripped on the shivering sensations from my ass-pussy as I remembered and relived the fucking and submission. I'd never experienced this but I didn't care. I squatted and shit as he bent low under my ass to watch. I could see his cock was becoming very hard again. When I was done he pushed me forward on to my knees and plunged his tongue into my ass. He licked and sucked and Artistic Lolitas Toplist swallowed and generally acted like a wildman. It was a turnon for sure. It is always a turnon for me to be involved in assplay when that ass is mine...or select others.I heard him groan. He came quickly forward and pressed his cock into my ass again, coming the whole Artistic Lolitas Toplist time he went in. It was the first time I felt a jerking, cumming cock forced into my ass as it spasmed. He shuddered and cried out for a long time. Once again he stayed in my ass for several minutes after cumming. I love the feeling of a cock in my ass. I love being responsible for the sensations I cause and for the cum that has shot into me...oh yes. I stood up and reveled in the idea of having been fucked by this hard man. I hadn't cum yet and my balls trembled from the constant flexing and clenching of my ass muscles. I closed my eyes and imagined a room full of men who had fucked me and who lay about me spent on cushions with cum still leaking from their hard dicks. I thought of myself as the only girl in a room full of hard lusting men. UmmmmmHe was crying again and he had shit on his mouth. I felt like some kind of sexual anthropologist at work. I said I had to go. He did not want me to go. Then he wanted to drive me home. I told him I would walk and quickly went out of the house, leaving him weeping behind me. I suspected this was not an infrequent occurance and I did not think it had any special relationship to me.Key West is a small place and you can walk anywhere in it in a fairly short period of time. I did get lost a few times and so it took me a couple of hours in the hot sun to find my way into that part of town I was headed for. I bought some beer and went to my spot on the wharf. I sat against the pilings in the shade and enjoyed the beer. Long about my third beer I heard a 'Hello' and looked up to see Cherry standing there."Well Hello there." I said."Hi." she replied. She was dressed in bathing suit and wraparound again. Her Wayfarer sunglasses made me flash on Sue Lyons in 'Lolita". "I went by your apartment, but you weren't there.""Maybe I was there and I just wasn't answering." I replied. "you were supposed to come later this evening with your friend.""yeah, I know, but I wanted to see you. I thought maybe you wouldn't mind.""Look." I said. "I want you to sit on the walk there and I'm going to get up and walk away. Wait about five minutes after I disappear from sight and then come to the apartment. Okay.""Okay." she said.I got up and walked off. I was a little concerned that I could be creating problems for myself, having young girls coming by my apartment. It's true you couldn't see which apartment anyone was going to once they had gone through the foliage but many unfortunate discoveries are made, seemingly by accident. I didn't think you could protect yourself entirely. I did believe you could save yourself a lot of grief by paying attention. One thing I did know, my cock was going to be in Cherry's mouth before ten minutes had passed upon my arrival.She was standing at the steps up to the apartment when I got there. She followed me in without a word. "I didn't want to make you upset." she said."I'm not upset, I'm careful. I could get into a whole lot of trouble if the wrong people found out about this."I'm not going to tell anyone." she said."Not true." I replied, you're going to tell this girl you are bringing tonight. What's her name?""Kelly. But I haven't told her anything except about what you told me, about the stories. I didn't tell her we had sex. She's going to want you to help her."I was chopping a line of coke when she said this. "Look, take off your clothes and sit on the couch with your legs open. Now what do you mean she's going to want me to help her."Cherry pulled away her top and it was mere seconds before she was naked. She sat with her legs spread, the lips of her cunt slightly parted. I love staring at a young bush that has just begun to grow. I love looking at young pussy lips, lips that await hard fucks; where each fuck that comes is still new. I love young lips where the taste of cum is still a surprise, where you can feel that your large cock entering them really is splitting them in two, if only in their minds. I stared at her. I couldn't get over the fact that this super fine young girl was sitting naked in my living room. I decided to test some Artistic Lolitas Toplist limits. "Why don't you come over here and suck my cock." I said..."and...answer my question.Cherry came toward me immediately and dropped to her knees. I stripped my pants from my body and sat back down. I extended the plate with the coke and she snorted her lines. She took my cock in her hand and said, "Kelly has a very bad problem. She's hoping you can show her what to do." She leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth."What kind of a problem?" I asked. My hand went to her head and I pulled it forward as I pressed my Artistic Lolitas Toplist cock into her mouth. "Never mind." I said, "I am sure she will tell me when she gets here. Why did you come here this morning, for the sex or the coke?"She let my cock slip from between her lips and said, "I wanted you to fuck me. The coke is great but it's the sex I wanted. I wish you were my boyfriend. I thought all night about you fucking me. I thought of how your cum tasted and how you eat my pussy, how you make me cum. You make me feel like a slut. I like it.""I am your boyfriend." I replied, and pulled her head forward. I felt darker than usual this morning. Maybe it was the man licking the shit out of my ass earlier. I said, "Have you been fucked in the ass?"She shook her head no with my cock in her mouth. She didn't seem like she wanted to let it go for something as unimportant as conversation. "I'm going to fuck you in your ass today. If you want to be my girlfriend I have to own you. That means we have to do everything. You're going to have to put your tongue in my ass too...everything. Is that cool with you?""I want to do everything but I don't want it to hurt. I don't care if something tastes a little bad.""You won't taste anything bad in my ass, it's clean believe me." I couldn't imagine my ass being any cleaner than it was now. "It will hurt a little my putting my cock in your ass but I will coat your ass with coke and you will hardly feel it. Okay?""Okay." she said.I stood up and walked to the couch with her in hand. "You're going to learn to lick my ass now." I said. "I licked yours last night.""That was great." she said. She had a gleam in her eye that told me she was up for anything. This was good because she was going to get everything. I sat down and slid my ass forward. First she sucked my cock again. She was a very ernest cocksucker, one of the top three young girl cocksuckers I ever had, strangely enough, one of the other three was Kelly. Cherry really got into it. She'd lick up and down the shaft and then try to force it down her throat. She nibbled at the urethral canal. No one could have shown her these things. She was just a born cocksucker. She licked my balls next and then worked over the perineum. Without hesitation she spread the cheeks of my ass and began to tongue me with great enthusiasm. It was fantastic. I nearly blew my load watching that curly blond 13 year old head bobbing between my cheeks. Finally I stopped her. She seemed to have no inclination to stop on her own."You like that huh?""It's great! Your ass is so soft and tender. It's like kissing someones lips.I pulled her to her feet and made her kneel on the couch. "Wait here." I said. I brought some baby oil from the bathroom and and mixed up a coke and oil paste which I spread all round her asshole and a finger length inside. She was not only going to get really fucked, she was also going to get high at the same time. My cock was hard as a rock as I came forward to penetrate her. "Tell me you want me to fuck you in the ass." I said."Oh yeah, please fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass!" she said.I pressed the head of my dick against her exposed rectum and pressed forward. The head went in surprisingly easy. She gasped and cried out.."Oh that...that...oh..uh uh." This girl never seemed able to finish a sentence. I pushed again and half of my cock was inside her. 'Oh..Oh!!..Oh!! God! oh..uh uh uh..." I fucked her from that length for a few minutes. She moaned and squirmed but never told me to stop. I have had several situations where I had to go through a series of different penetrations and exercises to gain full ass command of a young girl. Cherry may have been hurting but she wasn't going to say anything. She was stoned too and that put it at a whole other level. Plus, the inside of her ass was frozen from coke. She would be sore later but right now it was all about sex and getting off.I began to fuck her deeper and deeper. I never put more than six inches in her.I thought that was more than enough for the first time. Her ass was tighter than her pussy and her pussy was very tight. "Play with your pussy while I fuck you." I said."Oh yeah...oh yeah..your cock is a monster. I can't think of anything else. It's so big inside me.It's all the way in your ass." I said."In my Artistic Lolitas Toplist my...uh uh uh..."Now I reached forward and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and began to fuck her ass with deep regular strokes. "I own your ass, don't I?" I said."Yes..uh uh uh..oh God! oh God!""your ass is mine." I said, fucking her harder. I started to spank her now, bringing my free hand down with some force upon her up turned cheeks."Oh fuck, yeah...fuck...harder!!!" she cried.I brought my hand down with such force you could see the palm and all the fingers outlined on her ass. Swak!!!She screamed and I hit her just as hard on the other cheek. They were both flaming red. I pounded into her ass with my cock and hit her one more time. She came. She came I think from the pain and the fear and excitement of the spanking combined with the new ass fucking and playing with her pussy. All of these things and the coke had sent her over the edge. "uh uh uh...I'm cumming...oh, I'm cumming.....uh uh uh uh....." I could see droll running from her mouth as she had lost all control and any idea of who or what she was."Do you want me to cum in your ass or your mouth?" I asked."In my mouth! In my mouth. She was jerking like a fish and gasping, shaking, her body no longer under her control. I waited till the spasms died away and then pulled my cock from her ass and looked at the streaks of blood and shit on it. I was slightly crazed myself and thought of making her suck it just like that. I instead went to the bath room and washed it off in the sink. Then I grabbed her and pulled her round, straightening her out full length and letting her head fall off the beds edge. I pressed my cock into her mouth until my balls lay on her eyes. She gagged and I pulled back. I fucked her like that. It took me less than a minute to cum and just as I felt myself begin too spurt I pressed my cock completely into her throat and emptied the first load there. Then I withdrew and pumped the rest into her mouth. She was swallowing and choking and cum leaked from her nose. I pulled my cock from her mouth and let the last bit shoot on to her face. Then I grabbed her head and kissed her face and tongued her mouth, sucking my cum from her.She lay in my arms crying after, her heart was beating like a deranged tympani. This girl had been sent to another plane of existence and she said as much. She didn't ever want me to leave. I'll do anything you want, anything", she said.I can't tell you how good I felt. I can't tell you the places my mind went as I realized how many young girls there were like this and how many things they would do. I fantasized them performing oral sex on one another while I fucked them. I knew I would have to see Heather and Carole on the way back. I'd already made plans to stay in a motel in Key Largo, even though I might stay in the trailer for a night. I still had 9 days before I was supposed to be back in Miami.I coated Cherry's ass with coke and gave her some for later if her ass hurt. She kept going on about how, "righteously fucked" she was and how she belonged to me. I had a talk with her before she left about all that. I told her that I wanted to fuck other young girls and that I liked for older men to fuck me. She looked at me in surprise at the last and then said she would like to watch that happen. I told her it could be arranged. "But" I told her, there can be no attachment to me or my actions. I was going to have a lot of sex in the next couple of months and that was that. She said she didn't mind, she just wanted to be close to me. Perfect.I took a nap in the afternoon and went to a seafood restaurant for some dinner. Then I came back and snorted some coke and drank a couple of beers. Cherry and Kelly showed up as I was opening my third. They were quickly into the apartment and I got my first look at Kelly. Kelly was by far the most beautiful of the girls I had seen so far. She was tall,at least 5' 8" and had a slender models body, with perfect tits that pressed her t-shirt straight out. They were of a size that I could put entirely into my mouth with no room remaining. She was wearing white stockings that went to mid-thigh (as I saw later, a sky blue tube skirt that stopped above the knee and showed off the outrageous melon roundness of her ass and a white tank top t-shirt exposing her tanned belly. She looked exactly like a German porn actress that I saw some years later named Anna Marek. I suggest you do an internet search and you will certainly find a picture. This is a much better way to describe her than my poor words. She had an ocean of dirty blond hair cascading onto her shoulders and bright, but very sad, blue eyes. Cherry had told me that she was 14 years old. I would have guessed 16...but you could see her youth in the awkward way she sometimes moved her body, as if she didn't know quite how it worked yet."It's nice to meet you Kelly." I said."Me too." she replied, which sounded funny and we all laughed.I brought them each a glass of wine and Cherry helped herself to a couple of lines. "Is that cocaine?" Kelly asked."Help yourself." I replied, gesturing."Wow!" Kelly said, I could imagine the 'Wow' coming when the power of its purity hit her.I stared at her perfect ass as she snorted the coke and Cherry laughed when she saw me. Kelly was too busy with the toot to wonder at the cause of it.Cherry came over and gave me a deep searching kiss. I put my hand on her breast which is how Kelly found us.She didn't say anything. She sat at the table with her long legs running out of her skirt and crossed her legs, revealing a long expanse of incredible tanned teenage thigh.Cherry sat on the couch next to me.Kelly lit a cigarette. "So, I said, You understand what I want?"Kelly nodded, "You want to ask me questions about sex.""Is that okay?" Iasked."Sure..." she replied and then she shuddered. "Man, that coke is excellent! I never tasted anything, felt anything like that.""It's the best money can buy." I said. "Let me cut your some more." I chopped lines all round and then we snorted them. I got them each another glass of wine and then I sat back down on the couch with Cherry. I could feel my cock hardening and I pulled at my pants leg as I sat down so that it was nicely outlined against my pants.I sat on the couch with my arm thrown back behind Cherry and I looked at Kelly. The wine and the Artistic Lolitas Toplist coke had put a flush on her cheeks and her eyes shined with the chemicals rushing through her system."So," I said, pulling at my pantleg (as I could have predicted Kelly's eyes went to my crotch and saw my hardening dick. Her features betrayed nothing but I saw her nostrils flare.) "you've had sex. When was the first time?""I knew this boy Victor. He was two grades ahead of me at school.""When was this?""About six months ago.""You were 13 then?""No, it was a week after my 14th birthday. We were at his house with some other friends. Cherry was there too. Everybody was drinking and smoking pot. Cherry had already had sex. I wanted to too. I had picked Victor because he was good looking and he seemed like a nice guy. People were jumping in the pool naked. I took off my clothes and did too. I'd Artistic Lolitas Toplist been flirting with Victor before in the house. He came up behind me in the pool and put his arms around my waist. I could feel his cock at my ass. I reached around and grabbed it. He asked me to come into the pool house with him so I went." She paused and looked at the ceiling, looked at the coke. I got up and chopped her some more lines and gave them to her. Then I went and sat down."Go on." I said.He pulled me down on to the couch and started kissing me. He played with my pussy and went to stick a finger into me. i stopped him and told him I was a virgin."You're kidding." he said."No," I told him. "But I want you to fuck me and not with your finger.""He fucked me. It was over pretty quick. He fucked me later, that lasted longer. We were drunk then.""Did he cum inside you?""No.""He used a rubber?""Yeah, both times.""Did it hurt?""Not really, I was stoned. My pussy was sore the next day though.""Did you suck his cock?""No." she looked at my cock again and I made it twitch while she watched. This made her jump and look at me. I was looking away at the time though."Did he eat your pussy?""No,""Jesus what a loser." I said."Yeah, I know." she replied. "It wasn't what I expected.""Would you have sucked his cock if he asked you to?""Yes.""you have a beautiful mouth for that sort of thing." I said. "You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen." After I said this she burst into tears."Hey..hey. I said. "What's the matter?" I put my arms around her and pulled her to her feet and held her while she cried. After awhile she stopped and then sat back down. Her face looked like stone."Victor told a guy who worked on my uncles boat that he fucked me."Here Cherry interjected. "You don't know about her uncle. He's a gangster. He's bad news on the island here. He's into drugs and other things and he can do what he wants. The police are his buddies. Some people think he killed Kelly's dad. They were partners. He got control of everything after.""My uncle came into my room that night, my mother was at work. He called me a whore and said if I wanted to be a whore then I could fuck him too. He made me suck his dick and then he fucked me.""I'm sorry." I said, and I was. "So, he's been fucking you ever since?""A few times a weeks. He fucks me or he makes me suck him. A couple of months ago he started fucking me in my butt. He calls it natural birth control. He doesn't fuck me in my pussy any more. Last week he gave me to another guy from out of town and he fucked me and refused to use a condom. I know I'm going to get pregnant from one of these times so I am going to kill myself.""Hey, hey." I said, "Slow down, that's not necessary. There's got to be a way out.""There is no way. He beats me too, with rolled up magazines that don't show the marks. He makes me swallow his nasty cum. I want this money so I can buy the drugs necessary to die. I don't want to live anymore. I'mnot going to be some dirty pigs whore. I would rather be dead.""Ah, God..what!" the interview was over as far as I was concerned."He won't let me wear underwear. He wants me ready. He checks. He says he will know if I have sex with anyone else. Cherry talked to me about maybe having sex tonight and now that I see you and all and I'm high, I want to but he'll know and he will hurt me."I shook my head. "First of all, that's bullshit. He can't know. If you have sex and then shower after there is no way to tell.""For real?" she asked."Absolutely. Where is he now?""He's out on his boat tonight with some people. That happens at least once a week. It's for drugs, I'm sure. That's why I could come. You don't live here. You're going away aren't you?""In about a week." I said."Take me with you." she said."Hey, I don't know about that. We don't know even if we'll get along.""fuck that!" she cried. I'll do anything you want whenever you want. We don't have to get along. I will get along. Take me with you!" She threw herself from her chair and put her head in my lap. "I'll do anything, I'll be your slave. Being with you could not possibly be as bad as my life is right now. If you don't take me I'll die."I pulled her up and held her face in my hands. "Look, I said, let me think about this. This isn't something to do without some thinking.""You'll think about it?" her eyes pleaded with me. What could I say.I said, "Look, I'll find a way to help you. Some how."She burst into tears and threw her arms around my neck. I just sat there. then she said, "Fuck me. Please fuck me now. I want you to fuck me.""I want to fuck you." I said, "But I don't want to take advantage of you. When Cherry and I have sex there isn't anything like this hanging over us.""I thought you two were getting it on. So, you don't want me anyway then.""No, it's not like that. I want to make love to you and Cherry doesn't mind. Do you?""No way Kelly. I want to watch."Kelly laughed. "Cherry ate my pussy a few months about when we were high. That was the best sex I ever had.""You didn't tell me about that." I said to her."You didn't ask. Besides. I didn't remember it. I was really drunk when it happened. So was Kelly.""Why don't you take off your clothes Kelly and let me see your body."Kelly lifted her ass from her chair and pulled the tube skirt down from her ass. she wasn't wearing panties, as per her uncles command. She spread her legs wide for my view and pulled the t-shirt over her head. I will never forget that mental snapshot when her perfect breasts popped from her shirt, with her back arched and her soft sex winking at me from between her legs.Her pussy was gorgeous. More hair than Cherry's. The hair nestled around her pussy in a half circle instead of climbing straight up to spread to the sides later. It was a light brown in color. The lips were quite full, larger than the other girls and slightly parted as she sat, with a fold of flesh peerin
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